How to Help An Alcoholic Spouse

Alcoholic spouse

What To Do If You Have An Alcoholic Spouse

Having an alcoholic spouse is one of the greatest stressors on a marriage. Understanding whether your spouse struggles with alcoholism is a sensitive and challenging issue. It’s essential to approach this matter with care and empathy, recognizing the signs and knowing the steps to take for support.

Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, is marked by an inability to control drinking habits, which often leads to adverse effects on an individual’s life. Distinguishing occasional excessive drinking from consistent patterns indicative of alcoholism is crucial.

Signs That You Have An Alcoholic Spouse 

  1. Increased Tolerance and Withdrawal Symptoms: An increased tolerance to alcohol and withdrawal symptoms, such as shaking or irritability, are early signs of alcoholism.
  2. Secretive Drinking: If your spouse is hiding their drinking or lying about the amount they consume, it’s a cause for concern.
  3. Neglecting Responsibilities: A decline in performance at work, home, or in relationships due to drinking is a significant indicator.
  4. Behavioral and Social Changes: Mood swings, irritability, and a shift in social circles toward others who drink heavily can be signs of alcohol abuse.
  5. Physical Health Issues: Noticeable physical changes or health problems, like liver issues or gastrointestinal problems, are often linked to heavy drinking.

How to Approach Your Spouse and This Situation

Communicate with Empathy: It’s vital to discuss your concerns with empathy, focusing on your observations and feelings.

Seeking Professional Help: Encouraging your spouse to get professional help, such as therapy or medical treatment, is essential. For comprehensive information on various treatment options, consider exploring resources related to addiction treatment.

Support Groups: Engaging in support groups can provide both you and your spouse with necessary emotional and practical support.

Seek Professional Help For An Alcoholic Spouse

Recognizing alcoholism as a disease is vital. Support your spouse in seeking help, and remember that recovery is a journey that requires patience and understanding. For further guidance, visit reputable sites like Alcoholics Anonymous or the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Omnia Recovery Can Provide Help for You and Your Spouse

Identifying alcoholism in a spouse is challenging but critical for recovery. Approach the situation with empathy and seek professional help. Remember, numerous resources and support systems are available to assist both you and your spouse. Omnia Recovery, a drug rehab in Thousand Oaks, can help your family recover and heal together.

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