Narcissist Quotes: Toxic Amnesia

toxic amesnia
Beware of toxic amnesia
Beware Of Toxic Amnesia

Toxic amnesia is when someone denies a hurtful event or something they did. You know it happened. You were there. You know something was lost, broken, or stolen by this person. Another example might be: You know they didn’t show up for a meeting, a date, or an important event, but claim you didn’t have anything planned or triangulates against you. This is also a form of gaslighting. Who does it? They can be toxic people who just make trouble but they can also have a personality disorder called narcissism.

Toxic Amnesia can also be used to avoid responsibility

I love the term. I remember a time when I had an asthma attack on a hike without my inhaler because the person I was with forgot to refill the prescription. Instead of owning up and apologizing, the person insisted I didn’t have asthma. An extreme case of toxic amnesia, because I could have died in the desert that day. Not to mention confusing me. Did I really ask to have that prescription filled? Is my memory correct? Am I crazy? Guess what, we’re not together anymore. Read best friends for never.

Toxic amnesia also happens when someone gaslights you. Gaslighting is manipulation like when someone, or something, attempts to change reality by presenting alternate facts. Fake news is a political form of gaslighting, but gaslighting is very personal when it happens to you. It’s pretending something is true that isn’t true, or pretending something that’s happening that isn’t happening and saying it with such conviction and sincerity that you begin to doubt yourself. read more