Anxiety Journal Prompt: Feeling Anxious

anxiety journal prompt

Anxiety Journal Prompt calms your stress Anxiety journal prompt is a new interactive category for us. Build your own workbook and see the progress you will make. We’ll be adding a variety of journal prompts over the coming weeks, so you can create your own diary of thoughts, feelings, and solutions. We’re a family of […]

Motivational Quotes: Stop And Think

motivational quotes Stop and think

One of the hallmarks of recovery is when you can stop and think things through before reacting. Sometimes you can write a letter to the person who has made you angry, but not send it. Reacting with anger rarely helps make things better. If you start writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal, you […]

Boundary Quotes: Boundaries Keep You Healthy

Boundary quotes Boundaries make healthy relationships

Why do boundaries make healthy relationships Boundaries may sound like walls, but there is a big difference between a wall and a boundary. We’ve heard a lot about walls recently. The purpose of walls is to keep yourself or your group separate from others, which includes everyone else. The problem with walls, however, is the […]

Recovery Quotes: Who Is An Unloved Daughter

Recovery Quotes Unloved daughter

Unloved daughter is a harsh idea to digest and worse, to live with. Can we ever get over feeling like an unloved daughter? But first, what does the term mean? I’ve thought about this a lot over the years because my culture taught me that I was less than my brother and father and uncles […]

Enabling Quotes: Helper Or Enabler

enabling quotes helping or enabling know the difference

How do you know the difference between helping and enabling? We all struggle with this, both as parents of small children and later in many families where loved ones are struggling with mental illness and substance or alcohol use disorder (SUD and AUD). What should you do to help, and how much help is too […]

Relationship Quotes: Trust Is Fragile

Relationship quotes trust

Trust is a tricky thing – it’s something that is earned, but can disappear in a second. Value that trust and make sure you’re not too quick to hand it out.