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Emotional healing takes time just like physical healing. I remember when I broke my foot. The doctor told me it would take eight weeks before I could use it. Guess what? I didn’t believe him. I thought my bones were super bones and could heal just fine in three weeks. Using my broken foot before it healed made the injury worse.

My impatience with the healing process prolonged the physical injury and my misery. In fact, it took a year before I could walk a mile without pain. Grief and grieving deserve the same kind of respectful healing you’d give to broken bones and other injuries. If we’re stuck in deep pain from the past, it can lead to the need to numbing with alcohol or drugs. Many experts now say that addiction is rooted in trauma. That’s the reason we need to work more on understanding our trauma and grief and taking the baby steps to work our way to emotional health.

Exercise can help with depression and grief

Emotional healing takes time

My broken foot healed, but the memory lingers. I try to be careful not to fall that way again. Memories of emotional injuries can be so deep we may think we can never recover. Memories of loved ones we’ve lost, and of people who have hurt us can keep us stuck in the past. Getting help for emotional pain can move us into a healthier future. Check out 100 Tips For Growing Up, a fun book to get the life you want.

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Leslie Glass

Leslie Glass became a recovery advocate and co-founder of Reach Out Recovery in 2011, encouraged by her daughter Lindsey who had struggled with substances as a teen and young adult. Learning how to manage the family disease of addiction with no roadmap to follow inspired the mother and daughter to create Reach Out Recovery's website to help others experiencing the same life-threatening problems. Together they produced the the 2016 ASAM Media Award winning documentary, The Secret World of Recovery, and the teen prevention documentary, The Silent Majority, distributed by American Public Television. In her career, Leslie has worked in advertising, publishing, and magazines as a writer of both fiction and non fiction. She is the author of 9 bestselling crime novels, featuring NYPD Dt.Sgt. April Woo. Leslie has has served as a Public Member of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education and as a Trustee of the New York City Police Foundation. For from 1990 to 2017, Leslie was the Trustee of the Leslie Glass Foundation. Leslie is a proud member of Rotary International.

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