Feelings Inform Actions

Feelings inform actions is Reach Out Recovery’s first recovery word search by Kyczy Hawk. Exercise your brain and see how many words you can find. 

Introducing the first recovery word search.

Feelings Inform Actions
Feelings Inform Actions

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Feelings are passing, you don’t have to act on every bad mood

Kyczy Hawk

How often have I experienced a feeling and thought that it would never leave? Loneliness, shame, guilt, grief, overwhelm, exhaustion, illness, pain… these are the feelings that linger, the emotions and conditions that give rise to an erroneous sense of permanence, that there will be no change; it will never be different. The future seems heavy, gloomy, dark and unfriendly.

Why does this not happen with joy, happiness, fulfillment, peace, love, or contentment? My thought is that those feelings themselves, the “happy” ones (i won’t use the term “good”) are pleasant because of their brevity. Their timelessness is the time of the moment, the present. Once one begins to grasp and cling, the feeling of happiness, joy and contentment pass. Suffering has taken its place: clinging and avoiding.

Whoosh! The pleasant dissipates completely. The difficult is difficult for the same reasons we can’t cling to joy: we avoid the pain and spend our mental energies searching for something else to hold on to. Sitting with the pain, the uncomfortable until it leaves it the hardest practice I do. And, counter-intuitively, by sitting with it, it leaves.

Don’t let the branch of your experiences grab the little legs of passing birds and hold them down. See them, feel them, experience them, and let them move on. Feelings Come and Go Morning Meditation – Kyczy Hawk, Author of Life in Bite-Sized Morsels