Interview With Trauma Expert: Dr. Kate Truitt

Recently, I had the privilege of talking to trauma specialist Dr. Kate Truitt. Dr. Truitt is a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Pasadena, CA. She is the founder of Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates, the CEO and Training Director for the Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles, Global Coordinator of Continuing Education for the Havening Techniques, Executive Director of the American Cognitive Training Association, and Chairman of the Board of the Amy Research Foundation.

Dr. Truitt is on the cutting edge of trauma work, both in her practice, did I mention she has five locations? Also, with her foundation, the Amy Research Foundation.

 Dr. Truitt is fascinating for a multitude of reasons, but I especially love her story because everything she practices, she knows works. A trauma survivor herself, Dr. Truitt, knows all too well how devastating the effects of PTSD can be. This is one of the many reasons she is helping so many people and working at the highest level of trauma care.

 In this conversation, we talked about how to process the “safer at home” concept when you have a history of not being safer at home. How havening can help you ease your anxiety at home, and how to go about life and work while under quarantine.

Dr. Truitt is offering a Free Community Connection Corner Webinar, so check below for links!

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