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  • Tips For Dog Owners In Recovery I Learned These Dog Tips From A Professional Years ago I was a ghostwriter for a dog trainer and learned many tricks of the dog trade that have […]

  • Surefire Ways To Improve Your Relationship There Are Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Relationship Today Let’s be honest, if you’ve been in your relationship for more than a […]

  • Lindsey Glass wrote a new post 2 months ago

    I'm Addicted To Technology Part 2 Don’t Feel Bad Engineers Designed It So You’d Be Addicted To Technology Most of us are addicted to technology. This is not an accusation or […]

  • Lindsey Glass wrote a new post 2 months ago

    How To Ask For Help Learning How And When To Ask For Help Is Necessary For Long-Term Recovery If I had a nickel for every time I’ve had to ask for help, I’d be a […]

  • Are You Self Obsessed And Is Being Self-Obsessed Harming Your Mental Health? Over the years, I’ve met many alcoholics who suffer from being self-obsessed, myself […]

  • When You Decide To Stop Eating Sugar Is A Very Personal Choice

    Let me be clear about this article…I don’t want to stop eating sugar because it seems like fun or it’s a necessity like I have Diabetes. This is […]

  • What gets lost in the darkness of addiction and early recovery is that people are resilient

    My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy because I watch dog rescue videos. They’re sad but I love them and most have a happy […]

  • Staying Sane On The Holidays Is Not Easy But Can Be Done

    The holidays are triggering for a million reasons, so having some useful tips to help you stay sane, helps! I pulled a few of my favorite tips from my […]

  • Learning how to cope with the holidays when you’re on your own takes practice and planning

    I know a lot about how to cope with the holidays when you’re not on good terms with your family because I had to do it […]

  • Our Original Posters Are Now Available For Your Home And Office Walls

    Posters galore. We love posters and so do you. Millions of people have admired and shared these ROR original posters on social media and […]

  • I don’t care who raised you – there are things they forgot to tell you about growing up

    Maybe the people who raised you knew nothing about growing up, and your life skills are slim at best. Or, maybe your […]

  • Like it or not there will be tough times so better know how to be OK

    I was not OK for a long time, which is why I feel qualified to write this article. Many people know this about me but my life got worse […]

  • When you’ve spent a lifetime trying to be one way or another for family or to fit it, learning to be your authentic self takes work, and time. But, it can be done and it’s important for your recovery and sense of […]

  • Make no mistake, learning to not take things personally is a skill

    How many times in your life has someone said to you, “Don’t take it personally.” I’ve heard it a million times and around every area of life. […]

  • Lindsey Glass wrote a new post 6 months ago

    What To Do When You Feel Hopeless Feeling Hopeless Happens A Lot These Days So We Have To Know What To Do If you read the news, live in the modern world, and are faced with the […]

  • Lots Of People Self Sabotage In Different Ways So Let’s Explore

    Do you think you self-sabotage? Do you know all the ways self-sabotage can manifest? Personally, I didn’t think I engaged in any real […]

  • Lindsey Glass wrote a new post 8 months ago

    If You Feel Terrible About Missed Opportunities And Lost Time, This One’s For You

    Missed opportunities and lost time because of Covid or addiction is on a lot of people’s minds. Recently, we asked our readers […]

  • Do you suffer from compare and despair and always forget to focus on progress as I do?

    Why oh why do I compare and despair? It’s not healthy and much of the time I can outthink that silly rabbit hole. But, […]

  • The Habits Of Emotionally Healthy People Emotional Health Is Critical Because It Affects Everything Else Do you ever think about your emotional health? I didn’t until I became […]

  • Emotional health is the best prize you can get in the self-help world

    Here’s why. Ever notice how easy is it to laugh off a bad moment when you’re in a good place? On the other side of that coin, ever notice […]

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