Men’s Mental Health Struggles: Talk About It

Men's mental health struggles

Men’s Mental Health Struggles Shouldn’t Be A Secret

Men’s mental health struggles are often overlooked because men are taught not to talk about their feelings and pain. But things are changing. The taboo around mental health is slowly being lifted and help is available. Today more than ever, people feel comfortable about sharing their mental illness path to recovery stories. Celebrities have paved the way by sharing their experiences, and that helps everyone to understand they’re not alone. In recent years, players from many N.F.L teams have pushed for more work to be done to embrace conversations about mental health. Many teams are trying to remove the stigma around men’s mental health and mental health, in general, to help people feel comfortable to access the support they need.

Men’s Mental Health Struggles: Mental Illness In Your family

Do you have someone in you family who’s struggling with depression or anxiety? Mental illness does not discriminate. Depression, anxiety, and trauma from devastating events can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. Almost every family has a loved one who struggles with a mental illness. Did you know that an estimated one in four adults in the United States struggle with a mental health issue every year. And men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women. Yes, that’s a very important statistic and the reason that men need to open up and talk about their challenges so they can get help when they need it.

Men’s Mental Health Struggles Are No Longer A Taboo Subject

Many men believe that opening up about their mental health struggles will be seen as a sign of weakness, and they are afraid of being judged. In addition, being vulnerable about the struggles they have experienced can make some men feel they are being a burden to loved ones. When they feel they are a burden, men are less likely to seek professional help. They may also feel they don’t want to add a financial burden by asking for help. All this has to change to help the men we love feel safe to speak up about their challenges.

Men’s Mental Health Struggles: The Stigma Is Lessening

Stigma has played a significant role in secret keeping about mental health. The stigma around mental illness has caused men especially, to feel ashamed that they can’t manage on their own. Fear of being judged has held people back from opening up about their struggles. Speaking up about mental health issues, however, is the way normalize the challenges that everyone faces at some time or another in their lifetime.

Get The Facts And Then Get Help

Get the facts and learn more about what’s bothering you. Take some time to research the feelings you have been having. Learn more about men’s health and what mental illness is all about. When you decide to talk with someone, look into mental health inpatient services in Pembroke Pines to get a better understanding about what kind of professional help is available. It could help you both have a more in-depth discussion as you talk through your mental health challenges.

Talkiatry details the impact the stigma surrounding men’s mental health can have. It provides advice on how men can overcome their fears stigma and seek the help they need.

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