Mental Health Journal Prompt: Challenge

mental health journal prompt

Mental health journal prompt of the day!

Taking care of your mental health is absolutely crucial for a happy life, healthy body, and positive relationships. One way to take care of our mental health is to create a roadmap. We do that by journaling, making lists, and using other tools to help us remember what’s important and how to get there.

Why is journaling about your struggle helpful?

We’re glad you asked. Journaling is a form of therapy everyone can afford. It is therapy in a way because research shows that writing about what bothers you actually changes your brain waves.

Journaling doesn’t exactly change your brain waves instantly and forever, but every time you unburden yourself, you’re hitting a tiny reset button.

Whatever struggle you’re coping with, just talking to yourself about it– not muttering to yourself. But actually writing things down, helps with awareness, mindfulness, and keeps you in solution. Of course, you have to be focused on it. That’s the reason journal prompts are so useful.

What’s challenging your mental health today?

Take a few minutes to journal about the hurdles you’re dealing with today. Are there people who are stressing you out? Is it work, money, family? Figuring out what’s disrupting your serenity is the first step to resolving it!