Anxiety Journal Prompt: 5 Things

anxiety journal prompt

Why is it useful to journal about daily reminders? Because journaling is the second most calming thing you can do. The first, of course, is exercise. You didn’t think we’d say have a drink, did you? Exercise works by releasing endorphins that make you feel good. It also makes you live longer. Meditation and yoga also serve the purpose of centering, grounding, and making you feel better. These are tools for your body, but what about tools for your mind?

Journaling is exercise for your mind

Here’s why journaling a letter helps when you have a problem with someone. When you walk around holding in your fear, or resentment about another person, you’re actually adding stress to your life. You’re creating a pain center. You may get a headache or feel nausea, or you may feel rage.

These strong feelings cause stress can hurt you in so many ways. Do you find yourself muttering to someone because you can’t talk to that person directly? You’re talking to yourself. It’s almost like swearing at yourself because the other person can’t hear you, only you can hear what you’re saying.

When you journal you get relief without consequences

We know from research that journaling works to ease fear and tension. There are many people in your life who can’t hear anything that doesn’t work for them. It is often the people we love the most who hit back or react negatively to anything you say. They may think you’re accusing them and return fire when you only meant to start a reasonable conversation.

Journaling helps you let off steam

We’ve found that when we write a letter to someone but don’t send it, we serve two causes. The first is that we get to say what’s on our minds. When we articulate it, we can either find solutions or let it go. The second is that we’re not starting or prolonging an argument or more unpleasantness. That’s a real plus. Download all five anxiety journal prompts, and start your mind exercise today.