Morning Routine Tips to Promote Wellness 

Morning routine

A Healthy Morning Routine Sets You Up For The Whole Day

How does a morning routine affect wellness, and what does wellness mean to you? This question is important to ask yourself whenever you are trying to set health goals or make changes to promote wellness in your life. There may be as many definitions of wellness as there are people on the planet, so you must understand what your vision is so you can set realistic expectations. 

That being said, there are endless ways to pursue wellness. Different aspects of health, such as physical, mental, emotional, and social, are all important, so you can choose to prioritize one or take a holistic approach. While it can be difficult to narrow down what habits you want to adjust, there is one surefire way to affect change that promotes wellness.  

A morning routine says a lot about an individual. How do you start your day and what effect does it have on how the rest of those 24 hours are going to look like? Making changes to your morning routine can be one of the simplest, yet most effective strategies for pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few tips that you can try out to adjust your morning routine and promote wellness.  

Go to Sleep Earlier 

Your morning routine actually starts the night before. How you prepare for bed will set you up for the type of sleep you will get and what needs to be accomplished in the morning. If you plan to make changes to your morning routine that will encourage wellness, you may need more time to do so. This means it is time to start heading to bed a little earlier so that you can wake up a little earlier. Getting enough sleep is one of the multiple ways to overcome burnout too, so it can play a positive role in your mental health before even considering what the morning routine looks like. Start going to bed a little sooner so that you can get up a little earlier while still getting seven to eight hours of sleep. 

Take a Pause Each Morning 

With the extra time that you gain from going to bed sooner, try to take a pause before getting started with your day. A few minutes of reading for pleasure, relaxing, sitting out on the patio, or drinking a cup of coffee, (or all of these at once), can help your mind rest and prepare for the day. It gives you a chance to reset. If your normal morning routine feels rushed or chaotic as you prepare for the day’s tasks, then this change could be the much-needed solution. Pick out a good book and find a cozy chair to relax in for just ten or fifteen minutes to give your body and mind time to wake up. 

Make A Walk Part Of Your Morning Routine 

Exercise can be one of the things that quickly shifts to the bottom of the priority list when the day gets busy. By the time you get home or finish eating dinner, you are wondering where the day went and there is no energy left for a workout. This is when you can learn to use your mornings wisely. Maybe you don’t want to relax while reading a book for twenty minutes, but you would love to go for a walk as the sun rises or when the roads are less busy. This time can serve a similar purpose as relaxing for a few minutes, but with the bonus of getting some light exercise that will benefit your physical well-being. Take a morning walk to promote wellness and make the most of that extra time in the morning.  

Make Sure A Healthy Breakfast Is Part Of Your Morning Routine

This step is a two-for-one. Let’s start with preparing a healthy breakfast. This could be another symptom of going to bed earlier, as the extra time in the morning can be used to prepare a healthier meal for yourself. You could try out a fruit smoothie, or an egg white omelet with some vegetables in it.

Cereal itself is typically not very nutritious, so take the time to meal prep for breakfast on the weekend so you have a healthy start to the day. Additionally, you can support wellness along with this balanced breakfast by taking supplements. Something like a daily probiotic supplement can support the digestive system with additional nutrients that your cells can use when performing their functions.  

One Healthy Step at a Time 

The advantage of prioritizing health in the morning is twofold. First, it will ensure that you accomplish some healthy steps before the craziness of the day saps your energy and willpower. Second, it puts you in a healthier mindset for the rest of the day. Taking this initial, small step may create the desire to take another healthy step later in the day, which can lead to another. By the end of the day, you may have accomplished multiple activities related to wellness, all because you got started early in the day with something simple.  

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