Self Care Activities for Pandemic Life

self care activities

Self care activities need to go beyond the usual mani pedi and massage. Both because many of us still can’t do those things safely, and they are not as time-consuming and soul nurturing as some of us need right now.

However, many people feel paralyzed at home, often by themselves. No one really expected isolation would last so long when we first heard about the Coronavirus. But here we are – looking for things to do to keep ourselves busy and away from the news. We’ve come up with eight activities to do while in isolation to help you make the most out of this time inside – and stay off social media.

1. Pick up the phone

Call your friends, call your family, call your sponsor – it can be difficult keeping in touch with others when you can’t go out to see them every day. But it can be even worse when you go without talking to a loved one for a couple of days. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Include them in your activities while in isolation. Tell them about what you’re doing to stay active and busy. Maybe those phone calls can help you bounce some ideas off one another.

2. Find some coloring or crafting activities while in isolation

There are so many ways to get your hands on pages to color and workbooks without going outside. Use this time wisely and explore your creativity either through learning a new craft or check out Reach Out Recovery’s coloring and journaling workbook: Find Your True Colors In 12 Steps. Not only will it help you work that creative piece of your brain, but it will also help with your recovery process and critical thinking through the writing prompts.

Find Your True Colors Coloring And Workbook

3. Find a new exercise routine

You may not be able to tackle that running routine you finally fell in love with, or maybe you can’t get to the gym or yoga classes anymore – that’s okay. There are still plenty of alternatives to getting started with a fitness workout at home.

Did you know that exercise can have healing effects? See if you can “demand” a prerecorded workout routine on TV or turn to YouTube. There are plenty of workouts already made and posted that should do the trick.
Explore the various videos of fitness certification programs and accounts and fall in love with a new, indoor routine for the time being.

4. Pick up that book

So many of us have that “to be read” mountain of books that we’ve never had time to touch. Well, now is that golden opportunity. Find that book you’ve been dying to pick up, or forgot about until now, and crack it open. Or, maybe you’re looking for something now – try Lindsey Glass’s new release, 100 Tips For Growing Up. This recovery workbook is simple to follow, fun to read, and insightful – not to mention, it includes space for journaling.

5. Bake something fun wile in isolation

There are so many easy-to-follow recipes out there – and on our site. This can be done with the family or alone while binge-watching that new show you just fell in love with. Baking (or cooking) can be cathartic and a great activity to introduce your kiddo at home to – or a cool way to experience new food while stuck inside.

6. Find a show to fall in love with

There are so many streaming services now and the TV doesn’t have to be just for the news – in fact, turn off the news and get lost for a little in some fictional world. We all need a break from reality, so hunker down with those goodies you and your pals just baked and stream away.

7. Discover a new blog or vlog

The Internet has a plethora of content that we’ve never had time to discover. Are you a diehard Disney fan? There are thousands of blogs and vlogs (video blogs) about Disney. Are you trying to figure out how to write that book that you’ve been dying to get down on paper? There are plenty of websites (and books) to help. Fishing? Boating? Jogging? Crafting flip-flops out of hot glue? The Internet has something for all of that.

8. Discover new music when you’re in isolation

Concerts may be cancelled, but why not bring a concert to your home? YouTube, Spotify, Google, Pandora – there are plenty of ways to find new bands. If you type in your favorite band on YouTube and click on a music video, look to the right side of the screen – there, you’ll see a list of “related” videos. Sometimes they include bands that are related to whatever you searched. Click on a different band to five them a try. Keep going until you’ve discovered a new favorite band.

There are hundreds of other activities you can do while in isolation – cleaning, decluttering, nail painting, new makeup ideas. You get the idea. The Coronavirus can’t stop you from trying something new – isolation can’t stop you from living and learning. Get creative with your time inside and try to have some fun during this difficult time.