Gratitude for Children Of Alcoholics

Gratitude for children of alcoholics

Gratitude For Children Of Alcoholics: Rethinking Your Life

Gratitude for children of alcoholics doesn’t come easy. Feeling gratitude is difficult when there is abuse and neglect in your past. Here are 7 ways children of alcoholics can feel grateful this holiday season from Tian Dayton.

How many times have I heard people share that they “do not regret the past?” People, who have, by the way, experienced extreme trauma including child abuse, domestic violence, affairs, and addiction. So what can anyone who has grown up with childhood trauma be grateful for? 

“Whatever brought me into recovery” says Sharon M., “has helped me to make such positive life changes that I truly feel appreciative more than resentful, much more in fact. I know it sounds odd but I even feel grateful to the pain that led me to see so much about myself, other people and this thing we call life, that I have learned to live and love a day at a time.”