Self-Esteem Journal Prompt: I’m Enjoy-able

Self esteem journal prompt enjoy-able
Self esteem journal prompt I'm enjoy-able

This self esteem journal prompt I’m enjoy-able is a perfect way to start or end your day

This journal prompt I’m enjoy-able gives you the opportunity to say something nice about yourself today. And you probably need it. Download and print all of our journal prompts to create your own self-esteem journal. Keep your writing. In a few months, you can look at what you’ve written and see how your self-esteem has changed. Journaling does change you. We guarantee it.

Even if you’re not being so very enjoyable right at this moment, you can write a positive entry

Here’s what we mean. It’s fun to take a few minutes to enjoy yourself, even if you have to daydream a wish. For example, you can write about being enjoyable, even if you know you’re not so very nice right now. This is your chance to ponder the good about yourself, even if it’s wishful thinking.

Here’s a prompt for your journal prompt

What do you want people to like about you? You’re sober and nicer than you used to be? Maybe you’re fun to be with because you don’t do crazy and dangerous things anymore. Being responsible is fun and positive. Perhaps you bring a sunny disposition when you’re with others, and they bask in your warmth. What if you have great stories to tell.

With journaling you can say whatever you’re feeling because this is just for you.

We love writing our thoughts and feelings at certain times of the day. Some people prefer the morning entry because it sets them up for the day. Others like the break in the afternoon. And many people like to review their day and accomplishments or goals for tomorrow before bed. We know journaling works to improve your mood and relationships. So, download, print, and start writing now. For more self-esteem ideas, check out 100 Tips For Growing Up.