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Self Esteem Journal Prompt what makes you special

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Start your self esteem journal to improve the way feel about yourself

It’s easy to start a self-esteem journal with our journal prompts. We’ll give you an easy self care assignment to help you cope during the pandemic, and beyond. All you have to do is download, print, and get into your white space. This is a new term I’ve just learned. White space is where there is no competition, a place where anything is possible. For us, writing is our white space. It’s our zone for self-improvement and self-help. Here at ROR, we have used journaling and writing to heal, to feel better, to improve relationships, to find gratitude, positivity, and now to boost self-esteem.

Why do you need a self esteem journal

Self-esteem definition is the way we feel about ourselves, our opinion. Self-worth is something that comes from inside of us. It’s not a reflection of reality. It’s just the way we feel. And our feelings about ourselves can hurt or help us.

Your opinion of yourself can be determined by what you hear other people say, or the way other people treat you. If people treat you well, you are more likely to feel valued and loved. And also worthy of love. Low self-esteem comes when you are treated badly by loved ones or bullied as a child. When others don’t value you, a strong feeling of self-worth never develops. You may well think you deserve everything negative that happens to you and may seek out people who treat you the same way in adulthood.

Want some really easy self care

Everybody is unique, with special qualities that can encourage improved self-esteem. If you’re good at math, write it down as something you’re proud of. One friend of ours is proud of her beautiful feet. They make her happy. Another loves her hair. I happen to have bunions and curly hair, but I love my feet because walking is one of my self-care favorite things to do. Thank you feet, I think you’re beautiful for taking me places. Your feelings about yourself can change and improve your life. Let’s start today.