Self-Reflection Journal Prompt My Body

journal prompt my body
Self reflection journal prompt my body

Journaling about your body can keep you tuned up every day

Journal prompt my body is one of my personal favorite diary entries. How do I love or hate my body on any given day? I’m kidding. I never hate my body. But who doesn’t think about their body and what it’s doing? No one. Here’s a way of thinking about your body that is positive action. Does insecurity sometimes make you hard on yourself? Journaling about it can help you lighten up and do better.

There are a lot of things you can write about. This is a journaling subject that can include gratitude, apology, inspiration, you name it. In this journal prompt, you can explore what gives you pleasure about your body today. You can love and appreciate any body part.

For my journal prompt my body today, I am grateful for my back. Last week I couldn’t walk without pain at all. I was bedridden. Now, just seven days later I am almost back (pun intended) to my old exercise happy self. What did I do for my recovery? Went to the doc. Got X-rays to determine the cause of the problem. Started physical therapy to fix it. So, my journal prompt could also be thank you, back, for responding to my diligent work to deal with that pinched nerve.

Journaling about your body can also be an apology for what you haven’t done for it

Why did I get a pinched nerve in the first place? My body journal prompt can recognize where I made a mistake. I can write about how I didn’t do the ongoing recovery work I need to do every day to keep my back flexible and strong. Hey, we all need this. Are you stretching? This is like all recovery work.

Are you recovering from an addiction, or relationships issues, or problems keeping focused, or lingering grief? We’re all recovering from something. This is where journaling can be an important part of your program to follow no matter what else is happening in your life. As for my back, I was vigorous about some parts of my bodywork but left out a crucial component. My lapse put my back at risk.

Create your own body journal to remember and improve

So now my body journal prompt will include things I’m doing to help myself. Here’s how you can do it, too. Take a few minutes every morning or evening to explore what you did or didn’t do to help your body be the best it can be.

Did you…breathe deep to stay calm and oxygenate your brain, rest enough, provide nutrition by eating healthy foods. What about exercising to elevate your mood? Take an inventory, just for a few minutes. Self-care becomes a habit when see over time how your efforts pay off. You better believe I’m going to stretch every day from now on.

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