Sober quote if you knew me then

If You Knew Me Then Sober Quote Proves Change is Possible

We love the “if you knew me then” sober quote because the debate over whether change is possible is proven. Right here. When people are in active substance or alcohol addiction, even dependence, over a long period of time, it seems as if any change in their behavior is impossible. Chronic problems like arrests, fights, issues with money and work just recur day after day. You’re in constant crisis that just drives everyone nuts.

No matter how many times you beg your loved one to stop using, stop fighting, stop lying, it just doesn’t happen. But what happens in recovery? Your loved one, or you decide to make that change, take that step. It’s shaky at first. Just one day at a time of sobriety is a challenge, but little by little the ground gets firmer. You work on what caused your addiction in the first place. Deal with trauma and grief. And move on to honesty and reliability. And maybe you make amends to those you hurt, including yourself.

If You Knew Me Then You Would Be Amazed By Who I Am Now

So this quote reminds us that yes, all these problems can end and a brand new you can emerge from the wreckage. We’ve seen it happen so many times. Recovery makes change happen.

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Haley Laferney
Haley Laferney is the Graphic Designer at Reach Out Recovery and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. She is also a gold and silver ADDY award winner.

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