Student Emotional Health: More Important Than Grades

Student emotional health

Student Emotional Health Is What Makes A Healthy Adult

Student Emotional health is immensely important – especially when it comes to school-aged children. They’re at such a formative stage and represent the future. We have to work to encourage, support and guide them. Their minds are so vulnerable; if parents or caregivers put too much pressure on their responsibilities (such as grades, chores, etc.), it’s possible there will be a great strain on their emotional health.

Too much stress during childhood can deter children from seeking creativity and fun activities. That goes for homework, too. If children are overloaded with homework, it is unlikely that they will think about what they like or what they still want. One solution is to get college assignment help. Too much stress during childhood can deter children and teens from seeking creativity and fun activities.

Why Is Student Emotional Health More Important Than Grades

Grades only go as far as school can. Employers don’t care if your child was on the Dean’s list all four years of their high school/college careers. What matters is what your children take away from their courses. If a child is emotionally exhausted from the stress of making high marks each term, it becomes impossible to gather the strength and energy to go the extra mile to soak up the experiences and lessons.

Extracurriculars become nuisances because they take up valuable time this child feels the need to use to study. Universities don’t just consider high marks. They want to see that the child can maintain those marks while leading a social life.

Consequently, with the constant push to maintain high marks, children may not have the time to partake in social activities or have the time to find themselves. How can they find and develop an identity when all they know is schoolwork and building a “resume?”

Parents with their words, attitudes, and actions possess the ability to bless or curse the identities of their children.

Craig Hill

Student Emotional Health Is What Impacts Attitude About Everything

Most of us know the question: “Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full?” A child’s emotional health affects their ability to have a positive outlook. This can affect their physical health as they mature. If children go through life believing they “can,” there’s an increased chance they’ll continue through adulthood with that same confidence. A can-do attitude goes a long way.

The most valuable gift that you can give your children is not money; it is the ability to think positively. The money will soon be gone, but the ability to think positively will go on to help your children be a success throughout their lives.

Mary Kay

Student Emotional Health Matters: Children Are The Future

If we push children today to solely focus on grades and building that professional profile early-on, it’s likely they won’t display as developed social skills as the former generations. In fact, we already see this with the rapid growth of media and technology. With the focus turned towards trying to impress their teachers and caregivers, they lose that valuable time where they can cultivate their creativity, which can come in handy with problem solving and critical thinking.

This isn’t to say that children shouldn’t be motivated to work for their grades or aim for top marks – but there is more to life than success. It’s one thing to know how prior issues have been solved, but it’s another to have the creativity and motivation to think outside the box to solve another problem when it arrises.

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