Top 10 Narcissist Quotes

narcissist quotes

Narcissist Quotes With Articles To Read Updated 4/24 We know that you love narcissist quotes as much as we do. In fact, these top ten quotes have been read and shared millions of times. Each one of the following quotes has an article that tells more. We’ve collected your favorite quotes in one place so […]

Exposing A Narcissist Is Tricky Business

Narcissist quotes exposing a narcissist

Exposing A Narcissist Can Backfire Exposing a narcissist is tricky – living with one can be even trickier. They know how to blame others for their horrible acts; so be aware that the narcissist in your life has spent copious amounts of time learning about your strengths and weaknesses. Narcissists feel no guilt for what […]

Toxic Relationship Quotes: Signs To Know

Signs you're in a toxic relationship

To many, it can be hard to tell when you’re in a toxic relationship. After years of dealing with the abuse, or letting little red flags go until it seems like it’s “too late,” these signs may not pop as much as they would for others. This can be dangerous – while these signs aren’t […]

A Healthy Relationship Is Mutual

Quotes healthy relationships

Are you feeling stifled by a loved one or friend. A healthy relationship shouldn’t make anyone feel anxious, stressed, or alone. Those are signs of a toxic relationship. If you find yourself stuck in a relationship where you’re disrespected, ghosted, or feel powerless, leave or seek help so you can. Sometimes, it can be tough […]

Gaslighting Is A Sign Of Malignant Narcissism

gaslighting is a sign of malignant narcissism

What is malignant narcissism? It’s not really a diagnostic term, but we like it because nothing malignant is good for you. Narcissism is a character disorder in which a person believes they are the most important person on earth. This sense of importance and dominance makes the narcissist do everything in their power to gain […]

Neglect Is Abusive When You Need Love And Support

abuse quotes neglect is abusive

Neglect is abusive. That’s a mouthful and a big statement. There are many kinds of neglect, some worse than others. You can forget to water your plants, or not take your dog for a long enough walk, ever. Is that abusive? Not watering your plant can kill it. Not exercising your dog is like not […]