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Know What To Look For In A Healthy Relationship

Are you feeling stifled by a loved one or friend. A healthy relationship shouldn’t make anyone feel anxious, stressed, or alone. Those are signs of a toxic relationship. If you find yourself stuck in a relationship where you’re disrespected, ghosted, or feel powerless, leave or seek help so you can. Sometimes, it can be tough to see what can be considered healthy traits in relationships.

A healthy relationship means you can speak your mind

This also includes the necessity of freedom of speech in healthy relationships. Toxic relationships offer no trust. The abuser needs to have their thumb over the victim to keep them from leaving, which usually involves obsessing over their victim’s whereabouts and activities. That’s not love, or taking an interest in their partner’s lives. That’s possession.

Do you have the feeling you’re not good enough

In a toxic relationship, the victim usually feels incapable of challenging their partner’s ideals. They avoid voicing their opinions and are oppressed. Healthy relationships give the freedom to openly state opinions, which may or may not be opposing, without starting a war in the household.

Are you dominated by someone else’s wishes and demands

If you have someone in your life who doesn’t want you to follow your dreams, or even go to the movies without him/her, you may be in a toxic relationship. Healthy relationships allow room for independence to be your own person even if it’s not exactly what someone else wants you to be. Each partner has their own interests, opinions, time to engage in his or her own activities and passions. If a healthy couple manages to come together and openly discuss their days, take interest in each other’s stories, and accept that while they’re in a relationship, they are still their own, unique person.

Do you know how to spot a toxic friend? How about a toxic relationship? Take the quiz below to see how much you know:

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