Top 10 Narcissist Quotes

narcissist quotes

Narcissist Quotes With Articles To Read Updated 4/24 We know that you love narcissist quotes as much as we do. In fact, these top ten quotes have been read and shared millions of times. Each one of the following quotes has an article that tells more. We’ve collected your favorite quotes in one place so […]

Narcissist Quotes Unsafe To Disagree

An unsafe environment to disagree

An unsafe environment to disagree is anywhere you can’t be your true self. It’s a fact that disagreeing with your boss is not a good idea when he likes things done his/her own way. You may not want to disagree with a doctor. That might be unsafe, too. In personal and family relationships, however, an […]

Narcissist Quotes: They Rewrite History

narcissists rewrite history to make you crazy

Narcissists like to rewrite history for many different reasons – all of which are to keep themselves on their pedestal of lies. It’s hard to keep from falling straight into their fantasy world where they’re the superheroes and the people around them are either the villains or simply in distress. You’re not crazy – just […]

Narcissist Quotes: Toxic Amnesia

toxic amesnia

Toxic amnesia is when someone denies a hurtful event or something they did. You know it happened. You were there. You know something was lost, broken, or stolen by this person. Another example might be: You know they didn’t show up for a meeting, a date, or an important event, but claim you didn’t have […]

Manipulative People Blame Others Never Themselves

Quote of the day problem

Manipulative people blame others for every single thing that isn’t perfect. Are you with someone who thinks you are the cause of every problem? We talk about abuse and narcissism a lot because it’s so important to watch the behavior patterns of people around us. Are they making us happy or sad, anxious or confident? […]