Recovery Quote: Break Patterns

courage to break patterns quote

Recovery quote of the day Today’s recovery quote of the day is about breaking the old patterns. Do you have patterns or behaviors you keep repeating that are no longer serving you? For example, do you go to work for the same abusive boss time after time? Do you find yourself in unhealthy relationships over […]

Recovery Quote: Happy Life

Don't work all the time quote

Want a happy life? Who doesn’t To build a happy life, you have to have balance. Today’s recovery quote is about balance. Life doesn’t have to be a grind. We have the power to find moments in the day to enjoy something, call someone, close our eyes for a moment, and do anything else we […]

Sober Quote: Being in Recovery

Being in recovery restores all the qualities you lost in addiction Being in recovery sobriety quote is about how recovery can return everything we lost in addiction or alcoholism. Often people talk about losing their integrity, faith, and gratitude in active addiction. But, once someone makes the decision to be sober and begins down the […]

Recovery Quote: Attract what you expect

mirror what you admire

Recovery quote of the day Today’s recovery quote of the day is about being who and what you want. If you want to attract people who are kind and treat you well, you have to be kind and treat others well. It’s called the law of attraction. If you want to be respected, behave in […]

Top 10 Positivity Quotes

positivity quotes

We collected our favorite positivity quotes for you! Let’s be real, it’s not easy to be positive and cheerful all the time. No one is and there’s no point in pretending. That’s why having quotes about positivity around can help remind you to have perspective and look on the bright side. We’re all busy in […]

Sobriety Quote: Loss Of Self

sobriety quote

Loss of self is when we’re floundering Loss of self is the slippery slope to despair. Today’s sobriety quote is about how important it is to make your sobriety and the whole of your recovery a daily priority. Now, this does not mean recovery trumps everything in your life–this means you have to take your […]