What Does Arguing With A Narcissist Sound Like

arguing with a narcissist

Arguing with a narcissist is a recipe for frustration Arguing with a narcissist will get you nowhere. We’ve had plenty of experiences with narcissists over the years, so we know all too well what it sounds like to find yourself up against an arguing narcissist. In order to prevent this situation, because you will never […]

7 Lessons I Learned From Toxic Friends

7 lessons I learns from toxic friends

There’s no room for toxic friends. Toxic friendships don’t have to be tolerated, so walk away. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s possible. After being involved in a couple lengthy, sour camaraderies, I realized I got more out of them than bitter memories and unnecessary stress. Here are 7 lessons I learned from […]

Motivational Quotes: Distractions Help Heal

Distractions Can Help You Heal

Distractions can help you heal when you need tools for recovery Distractions can help you heal – it may seem impossible at first. You’re so down in the dumps and feeling lonely. You may be angry at yourself for enduring a bad relationship, but you may also be angry at the person/people you have to […]

Toxic Friendship Quotes: Save Your Energy

Save your energy Toxic friendship quote

If a partner or friend makes you feel stressed or questioning their actions, they don’t deserve your energy. Trying to keep up with someone like that isn’t good and chances are, you’ll only end up hurt. These feelings are red flags – get out when you notice them. Don’t Give Them Your Energy If They […]

Best Friends For Never – End Toxic Friendships

We all have certain people who just love to get under our skin; however, we have friends to complain to about them. But what happens when your alleged BBF happens to be one of those negative people you just can’t stand to be around anymore? Read this list of 5 fun lines to give you […]