Motivational Quotes: Distractions Help Heal

Distractions Can Help You Heal
Motivational quotes Distractions Can Help You Heal

Distractions can help you heal when you need tools for recovery

Distractions can help you heal – it may seem impossible at first. You’re so down in the dumps and feeling lonely. You may be angry at yourself for enduring a bad relationship, but you may also be angry at the person/people you have to leave behind.

There are distractions that can help you heal from lost relationships. Distractions can also work to restore the you that used to be. Here’s how. Are you dwelling on the grief of a toxic relationship lost? Sounds weird to say you miss a person who hurt you, but it’s all too true that we often miss the people who abused us. It’s not easy to get over relationships that we wanted and hoped would be nourishing and lasting. When bad relationships are over, for whatever reason, we may feel so sad we tell ourselves it wasn’t so bad, even when it was. read more

Distract yourself with positivity and healthy activities

We’re not saying to ignore your feelings, but you can’t dwell on the past. That’s not healthy, either. Accept and acknowledge your emotions, but in order to work through them, there are steps you should take. Talk to a professional, speak with a sponsor, mentor, or trusted friend. Journal your feelings. There’s something about writing down your thoughts and seeing them that helps you come to terms with the reality of any roadblocks. Focus your energy elsewhere; the past will always be there, but it doesn’t define you. Go for a jog, meditate, find a meeting that you think will help you heal.

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