Motivational Quotes: Stay Positive Around Toxic People

motivational quote stay Positive Around Toxic People
motivational quotes stay Positive Around Toxic People
How To Keep Positive Around Toxic People

It’s important to keep positive around toxic people. Face it – we work hard to surround ourselves with pleasant, supportive people, but sometimes we have to put up with toxic people. Whether they’re our peers, coworkers, or some form of client, we have to deal with them. But how do we keep the peace we’ve created when these toxic community members try to tear us down?

Notice the toxic people in your life

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that your coworker/peer could be a toxic person. Think about how they make you feel when you have to be around them. What do they say? Does being with them make you feel worse or drained at the end of the day? Think about the patterns. Is this often, or is this person just having a tough day? If you’re unsure of what to look for, read more here about toxic friends and their traits.

Don’t take their actions personally

There are numerous scenarios where these toxic or negative people could push their negativity onto you. If you’re there and an easy target, these people may just aim their frustrations at you. You did nothing wrong. This isn’t about you. This is about them and their issues as well as fear, frustration, and anger. Chances are, you will never find out why they behaved poorly – of course, there’s never a good enough excuse for lashing out.

Keep positive around toxic people by having some alone time

Many introverts would agree that alone time can heal just about anything. Spending time alone can help us improve our self-awareness and serve as a time to think critically. By setting aside some time to decompress, we’re able to reflect on our day, our actions, and others’ behaviors. Think about how we can improve our actions and avoid putting negativity into the world. Perhaps instead of lashing out at someone, use kindness or humor to diffuse any negative or toxic situations.