Teens’ Teeth And Self-Confidence

Teens teeth and self-confidence

The Relationship Between Teens’ Teeth and Self-Confidence

Teens’ teeth may be more important than you think. Is your teen shy about smiling? Is your teen afraid to talk? Teenage years can be amazing. They are the years when your teens make new friends, create new memories, have new experiences, and enjoy the first glimpses of true freedom.

This is also a time that is really challenging for many teenagers. These are the years where so much is changing and where most your children tend to judge themselves and worry about every aspect of their appearance. You may think the first thing teens notice about each other is their looks and body shapes. But there’s more to appearance than clothes and body shapes. What is the most inviting part of a person? It’s their smile. If someone is is not happy with the way their smile looks, they won’t smile. And looking sullen can put teachers and students off.

Teens Teeth Affect Smiling and Self-Confidence

Genuine smiles make other people smile and make us feel little better, too. Smiling shows we are confident about the image we are portraying, and it is therefore not surprising that not being happy with our smiles can take a toll on our self-image and therefore our self-confidence. Crooked teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious in social situations. For teens misaligned teeth can become all a teen thinks about.

Teens’ teeth need overall dental health which includes brushing, flossing, and good nutrition. How the teeth are aligned, and whether there are natural gaps or lost teeth also affect dental health and teens feeling good about themselves. Fixing these issues can be a huge boost for a teenager’s oral hygiene but, most importantly, it can also provide the self-confidence boost they need by encouraging them to smile more often.

Public Image In Different Culture

In some cultures having a few missing teeth or even having crooked teeth is considered attractive. However, many parts of the world straight and pearly white teeth are a sign of beauty. These images can be seen in advertisements, offline, and elsewhere, and the effect on teens and their self-confidence is real. Teens may feel they are not attractive enough and have to hide their teeth and smile.

Bullying any kind of difference

It is an understatement to say that kids and teens are mean. They will often pick something about their peers to make fun of and tease them about. Outward appearance, especially the teeth, can be prime targets. Having crooked or misaligned teeth is quite difficult to hide and often leads to teens being picked up on and this can lead to plummeting self-confidence.

What many people perceive as “irregularities” in the teeth and jaws that lead to teasing, harassment or even bullying, can have a massive negative effect on social interactions, relationships, self-confidence, and even mental health.

What to Do To improve Teens’ Teeth

Teens who have self-confidence issues that stem from how their teeth look can be helped in a few ways. First, they should be shown how to take care of their oral health better. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are all great ways to improve oral health. Using teeth whitening toothpaste that has enough fluoride in it can also help teens who do not think their teeth are white enough. In many cases, these types of toothpaste produce a placebo effect that leads to self-confidence improvements as soon as a teen switches to them.

Braces and Aligners For Teens’ Teeth

For teens with misaligned or crooked teeth, wearing braces is a great option. Because braces can also lead to some teasing and awkwardness, they can consider invisible braces. These are very discreet and work very well to align and straighten teeth. Those who do not want to wear the braces during the day can also consider night time clear aligners. These work during the night but take a bit longer to produce the desired effects. Night time aligners are a great option for teens who do not want to manage full time aligners. For more information, consider this resource on the best night time aligners

Because of how visible they are, many teens do not want to wear metal braces. You can check out this guide on wire braces vs clear braces – the pros and cons by ALIGNERCO to see how metal braces and clear aligners compare. ALIGNERCO makes it cheaper to get teeth straightened by offering several affordable invisible braces options. They also have an impression kit that helps you take a dental impression so their team of experts can create the best invisible braces for you.

Teens’ teeth matter because of how sensitive they are about their looks. Smiling and appearance play a huge role in the development of self-esteem. It is important to help teens improve their self-esteem and confidence for the teens years and the future.

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