Self-Care For The 5 Senses

Self Care for the senses

Who needs self-care for your senses? We all need it in winter (spring, summer, and fall). In fact, we need it all the time. Here is a perfect way to take spiritual breaks throughout the day and combine self-care through nourishing your senses. We bet you never thought of self-care this way.

Your five senses are touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste. A sixth sense is space. What’s around you? Why do you need to nourish your senses? Your work/family take so much energy and time, you may feel overwhelmed by tasks and obligations. Are you feeling pleasure isn’t so easy to come by when you’re tired and depleted. Are you a mom who feels guilty when you even think about taking a few moments for yourself? Okay then nourishing your senses is for you. Some of these things you may be doing already, but now add mindfulness. Do something every day for every one of your senses and you will be feeling better than before. We promise.

Self-Care For Your Senses Provides 5 Ways To Feel Joy Every Day

Smell: Own the Mornings

Wake up earlier to give yourself that extra time to prepare for the day ahead. Starting early is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that you don’t lose out on #MeTime. Here’s where smell can lift your mood. Take a minute to smell the coffee if that is your morning brew. We also light a candle every morning, and often at dinner time, too. You can make your own candles, or splurge with Jo Malone. This high-end fragrance business is inspired by British culture and heritage and offers sensory narratives for the contemporary age with a unique assortment of perfumes and perfumed products. Jo Malone London perfumes are designed to be mixed and matched to create distinct, personal smells – perfect for embracing the unique woman in you. You can enhance your mood throughout the day with aroma therapy, diffusers, and, yes, even flowers. Smell can make you feel joy.

Taste: All Day Long

What do you love to eat? Let’s think of some healthy foods you have have without guilt. Guilt is the opposite of joy so choose your taste to make you feel pleasure and not feel guilty. Mine is chocolate. With dark chocolate, sugar isn’t the first ingredient and I don’t eat a lot of it. I also like yogurt, apples, and avocados. Unusual tastes? Taste belongs to you alone, so whatever you love, you can savor. Eating is the one thing we have to do to stay alive. We can nourish our senses through taste when we slow down and savor what we’re eating, instead of grabbing and devouring which may send us on a rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows. Drink water. Savor the clean taste. Enjoy a piece of fruit. Hey, if you’ve been making bread during the pandemic, you know how wonderful bread smells and tastes. Making bread also has a touch component.

Touch: Feel The Love

Ok, we’re not getting cheeky here. Touch is one crucial way we express and feel all kinds of love. Petting your dog or cat is love. Hugging someone you care about is touch. Touch can lift you up in so many ways. You can nourish your sense of touch by knitting, kneading dough (that bread we were talking about) working in the garden. Some people adore the feeling of dirt on their hands.

Or you could be a painter and combine touch with sight. Cooking is chemistry; it’s also touch and smell, and taste, too. When you’re riding your bike, walking your dog, cooking, or playing an instrument you can nourish your sense of touch. And consider the combinations when many senses are combined in one activity, playing an instrument which is touch and hearing, painting, which is seeing and touch, cooking which is touch and smell, and then taste. The combinations of sensual awareness and self-care are endless. All you have to do is begin to think about it.

Hearing: Friends, Music

Noise can make you crazy, or serene. Your hearing is another pathway to your soul. Listen to soothing, or rousing, music or make music yourself to nourish your sense of hearing. There’s another kind of hearing. How much do you listen to others and really hear what they’re saying? Hearing is a big part of friendship, and friendships can benefit you in a variety of ways. Great friends can open your eyes to see (sight is coming next) and inspire you to grow. They motivate you to continue forging ahead when things become rough and rejoice with you when you succeed. Friendships offer more than just a shoulder to weep on; they seem to have a favorable effect on your health. Go for a walk in a group. Team up with a friend to volunteer.

Sight: Self-Care For The Senses

Sight is so immediate that we often think it’s the most important. Can we be aware of the beauty around us? It’s in the sky and animals, the sea and whatever landscape surrounds you. No matter what the season, there is beauty outside. Sight is art and social media, and nature, and our home and how we look to ourselves and others. When you see something that inspires or pleases you, make a mental note For us, sight is also about reading and writing. So we love journaling. Self-care for the senses can be an everyday, even every hour action to nourish your soul.

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