5 Tips For A Great Singles Valentine’s Party

Singles Valentine's Day Party

How To Throw The Best Singles Valentine’s Day Party

Single and another Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Get ready to have fun. Now that the pandemic is officially over, it’s time to get together and celebrate again. Plan ahead this year for the perfect party. You may think:  I’m going to stay in my pjs, order a large pizza with all the toppings, then finish up with a chocolate ice-cream cake for dessert and watch “Sleepless in Seattle” for the millionth time.  That scenario is so last year.  No.  Enough is enough, because you are not staying alone this year.

Break Tradition On Valentine’s Day With A Singles Party

When you are alone, especially on Valentine’s Day, desperation is almost a go-to response.

“Is it me or is Valentine’s Day this year on steroids?” – Sex in the City

But it doesn’t have to be that way this year. Almost all dates have the potential for disaster. Will he like me? Will I like him? While a night out with friends almost always means love and laughter.

Text your single friends and ask them to get together with you and celebrate your friendship. Some of them may have a hot date for Valentine’s Day, but the others will jump on the invite, because probably they have no plans but staying at home too.  Hosting the party at your house is a fun way to shower your friends with love. Let’s start planning!

1. Pick A Fun Valentine’s Day Theme

Have your single friends to wear a certain color such as red or pink.  Then go to the party store and purchase cheap red or pink hats. Another fun idea is to go to the second-hand store and find red or pink ties, so everybody can accessorize their outfits.  These extra touches make great props for fun photos.

2. Alcohol Free Drinks

To support your friends’ sobriety, offer two choices of Valentine’s themed mock-tails. For a sweet treat, mix club soda with a few drops of red syrup and add a strawberry or raspberry for each champagne glass.  For a savory treat, use V8 tomato juice to make a healthy non-alcoholic Bloody Mary.  Just add a dash of lemon juice, couple of drops of Tabasco sauce, a pinch of celery salt, a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and black pepper.  Decorate the glass with half celery stalk.

3. Food: Share The Contributions

Do a Valentine’s pot luck.  Ask each friend to bring a dish.  Make sure you have appetizers, main dish and desserts.

4. Atmosphere

Create an energetic atmosphere with Pandora on your IPhone or Alexa as far as music goes.  Find a banner maker to decorate your space. Get some inexpensive party decorations at the Dollar store and decorate your home.  You could also do some yourself if you like arts and crafts.  Take red and pink paper.  Cut into heart shapes and cover the food table with them.  If you are really crafty, create a vintage banner. Using a red marker, write all sorts of friendship quotes on the back of old greeting cards. Glue some sparkly glitter on them, then attach them to a raffia string and hang them on the entrance door or the windows.

5. Entertainment

During the party your friends can dance, or even leave a small spot for arts and crafts to make.  To make fun jewelry, you could tread colorful beads onto thin red or pink ribbons.  Or get small picture frames and decorate them with cut outs from magazines.  These small crafts will stay with them as a souvenir from a fun and friendly Valentine’s Day even as singles.

Set up another station dedicated for games like picking up Valentine’s candies with chops sticks.  The one who gets the most without dropping on the floor is the winner.

If your single friends are more into writing, ask them to write their visualization for next year’s Valentine’s Day with a partner, or who is their desired partner, what does he or she needs to be or do or have.  What is important for them in a partner.  If there are any volunteers to share their desired partner there should be no judgment.  Each one and his or her own ideas.

Have fun with your friends either you are going out to a restaurant or staying at home.  Do something together and make happy memories as a group.  Next year something might change, or you might enjoy it so much that you’ll want to do a repeat.

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