What are the compelling reasons to drink water. Lindsey shows you her tip of the day from her book, 100 Tips For Growing Up. We have a boatload of reasons you should be drinking more water. Drink water to balance your blood sugar. What, you've never heard of this? You’ve heard people tell you to drink water before, right? But why does drinking water help to balance your blood sugar? It’s the first step to stop snacking all day on your rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows. We’ll take you on the path of balancing your blood sugar to feel energized and healthy in seven articles. Today is step one. Water. Here’s the skinny on why it matters.

Water is the basis of all living organisms on earth

Its chemical formula is H2O; one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. It’s delicious, should be odorless, clear, and refreshing, although many new water drinks add flavor and vitamins. How you like your water? Read More.

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Lindsey Glass

Lindsey Glass is the co-founder of Reach Out Recovery. Her 2016 ASAM Media Award winning documentary, The Secret World Of Recovery, has helped to lift the stigma from addiction and recovery and is used in recovery programs nationwide to show what life is like on the other side of addiction. Lindsey's teen prevention documentary, The Silent Majority, was distributed to PBS stations nationwide by American Public Television in 2014-15. Lindsey has written dozens of popular articles on recovery. She is a recovery advocate and frequent keynote speaker. Lindsey is the author of 100 Tips for Growing Up, My 20 Years of Recovery, 2019. Before focusing on recovery, Lindsey was a TV and screenwriter. She has worked in publishing, web development, and marketing.

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