Top 5 Dental Problems That Can Ruin Your Health

dental problems

5 Dental Problems You Can Fix

Dental problems plague millions of people, but there’s a lot you can do about it. Dental health is more than just brushing your teeth. You know that already, right? Here’s what you should know to help you have the healthy teeth and gums you need for good health.

Did you know that your mouth serves as the gateway to our body, and maintaining good oral hygiene extends beyond the mere aesthetics of a smile. Optimal oral health is crucial for various aspects of daily life, including eating and speaking comfortably and preventing different medical conditions. All of these reasons should prompt you to visit your dentist as part of your resolutions for the year 2024. This blog explores the top five dental problems, their causes, and treatments.

Dental Problems #1 Tooth Decay

The most prevalent dental issue is undoubtedly tooth decay. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental caries is one of the most common chronic diseases in children and adults. The causes of this affliction are diverse, encompassing poor oral hygiene and consuming sugary and acidic foods.

Cavities lead to toothaches and sensitivity to hot, cold, and sugar. Regardless of the size of the cavity, potential treatments can include dental fillings, root canal therapy, and crowns, which an experienced dentist near you can do. 

Apart from making sure you have good oral hygiene habits, you can help in the prevention of tooth decay by having a professional apply a pits and fissure sealant to your posterior teeth, thereby sealing and protecting the anatomic regions of your teeth that are the most prone to tooth decay.

Dental Problems #2 Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, periodontal diseases, encompassing gingivitis and periodontitis, are also widespread, affecting between 20 and 50% of the global population. Common causes include plaque buildup, smoking, and genetics. 

Periodontal disease results in problems such as swollen and bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, and tooth mobility. Treatments vary based on severity, including scaling and root planing, antibiotics in severe cases, and sometimes even periodontal surgery to prevent tooth loss.

Dental Problems #3 Tooth Sensitivity

Another significant dental issue and a frequent cause for complaints at the clinic is tooth sensitivity, whose prevalence can vary based on age and other factors. Possible causes include exposed tooth roots, tooth decay, and teeth grinding. 

Symptoms encompass sharp pain while consuming hot or cold foods, discomfort while brushing, and even a painful sensation when breathing cold air. To alleviate this dental discomfort, use desensitizing toothpaste, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants or restorations with composite resin.

Dental Problems #4 Tooth Erosion and Abrasion

Tooth erosion and abrasion, often tied to dietary habits and acid exposure, are other rising dental concerns. Possible causes include consuming acidic foods, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and aggressive brushing. 

Treatments aim to prevent worsening by addressing causes through dietary changes, reflux management, and patient education on proper brushing. In advanced cases, restorative treatments like composites, crowns, and veneers may be necessary for considerable substance loss.

Dental Problems #5 Crooked Teeth and Bite Issues

The fifth dental problem we will address is also quite common. Indeed, crooked teeth and bite issues (malocclusion) are prevalent conditions, affecting a large percentage of the global population, and necessitating orthodontic treatment to be corrected. Possible causes of this problem include genetics, poor dental habits during childhood, and jaw injuries, which can lead to difficulty chewing, speech problems, jaw pain, and, above all, an unpleasant aesthetic. As for treatment, orthodontics takes precedence, sometimes accompanied by orthognathic surgery in advanced cases.


Now that you have gained insights into these top five dental problems, their causes, symptoms, and treatment options, we sincerely hope this knowledge inspires you to consistently prioritize your follow-up visits to your dentist. A proactive approach to oral health can prevent many of these conditions, reaffirming the age-old adage that prevention is indeed better than cure.

About the Author

Dr. Suzanna Maria Sayegh is a Doctor in Dental Surgery who graduated from the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut. She holds a Master’s degree in Esthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry, a Master’s in Research and Biomaterials, and a University Diploma in Oral Pathology. She continuously seeks out professional development opportunities that allow her to remain aware and knowledgeable about new dental practices and the latest technologies being considered or used.

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