Virus Protection When Exercising Outdoors

Virus protection when exercising outdoors

What you need to know about Corona Virus protection when exercising outdoors

Virus protection when exercising outdoors is something you need to know about. Exercise boosts your immune system, so if you’re not already exercising, now is a great time to start. Given that sunshine also boosts immunity, exercising outdoors is a double win. And, in the face of this pandemic, outdoor exercise offers even more benefits. So how to do it safely and happily?

When exercising outdoors, keep yourself, your family, and your community safe by choosing a time and place that supports social distancing

Yes, proximity matters. If you live in a city and sidewalks are narrow or busy, try going to a park instead. Or, if there is not a park nearby, consider exercising in the early morning before most people are out.

Practice the “Way More than 6 Feet” Rule: When you are running or even walking briskly, you are exhaling far more particles than when sitting still. Thus, if you do see people approaching, give them as much space as possible. The goal is to avoid creating a cloud of particles that they could encounter as they continue past you. If you are running on a sidewalk, and you can safely and easily go into the street, consider doing so. And if that’s not practical, move all the way to one side of the walkway and hold your breath as you approach.

Best virus protection when exercising outdoors is getting out on your own

Savor the Blissful Solitude: Exercise alone. If you are spending more time than usual with family or roommates, getting outdoors on your own may be just what you need. And if you are home alone, the change of scenery can do you good. If either of these situations is causing you anxiety, the act of moving will serve as a pleasant distraction while lifting your mood. Your change of mindset can start the moment you lace up your shoes. You can savor the anticipation as well as the actual experience.

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Connect with the Community: Most likely, you’ll see other people while you are outside exercising. Spending so much time at home and dealing with the stresses of this pandemic may be getting them down too. Say hello. Offer a smile. Watch their eyes light up. You’ll feel good too.

Your exercise session can be a way to boost your immunity, soothe your own soul, and lift the spirits of others, all at the same time. It’s self-care and it’s being of service.

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