Quotes: From Chaos To Creativity

Quotes chaos to creativity
Quotes Chaos to creativity

Chaos to creativity was not what we expected with the health crisis

Chaos to creativity is actually shifting the balance of who we are and what we want now. We were in overdrive before the virus hit. Every single one of us had too much to do, and we were obsessed with getting everything done every day. The good old days were chaotic and stressful. Now that we no longer have a million things to do, we have had to think about and reinvent who we really are.

Parents are spending more time with their children

Parents who were running to work and staying there long hours are now contemplating working more from home. They are doing projects with their kids they never imagined before.

In fact, creativity has emerged as the salvation of many of us. Our lives have been upended because of a virus. How have you changed? Those who have been working during the shutdown are finding creative ways to connect and support each other. Showing appreciation for essential workers. Making things instead of buying things. Giving to those in need. Creativity has emerged as a focus for our grief. Those who are physical distancing at home are finding new forms of social connecting. It turns out that chaos in our lives before Corona was overdoing everything.

Now, we’re learning what we can control and what we can’t. Not going out to dinner made us more creative in the kitchen. Many people are spending more time with their children. Zoom birthdays keep families together.

Chaos to creativity

Out of chaos comes creativity, if you shift the balance. Chaos, with its energizing factors, can be wrestled into healing. And this is especially important where other people with unhealthy habits bring even more chaos to your world. Here are thirteen ways to thrive in spite of a chaos habit. read more


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