What Is PEMF Therapy And How Does It Help


PEMF therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) is modern innovation that can help when other therapies fall short, or to add to other treatments you may be receiving. We will tell you the different ways that are super helpful for a variety of conditions, especially chronic conditions where taking painkillers or undergoing surgery doesn’t give you any lasting effect. PEMF is a new tool that you can use at home to help manage your conditions without drugs in a safe environment.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work

PEMF therapy works by directing small amounts of energy toward a specific part of your body via a specialized magnetic device. Traditionally, this type of therapy has been used to treat acute and chronic pain by helping to reduce inflammation.

It’s thought that PEMF therapy improves circulation and cellular functioning by increasing your body’s ability to release nitric oxide. Nitric oxide release is a common healing mechanism following injuries, and it may help reduce inflammation.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy helps the body stimulate its own recovery process through the help of magnetic fields.

How PEMF Can Help Diabetes Patients

Now, you may have heard of using PEMF therapy for a number of conditions such as arthritis and cancer to ease chronic pain and reduce inflammation, but diabetes can be a new application for PEMF. It is because there are different symptoms and mechanisms behind diabetes that make the use of PEMF quite useful. In this article, we will understand the different mechanisms and symptoms of the condition to check how PEMF helps deal with diabetes.

PEMF May Help in Dissolving Adipose

One of the main risk factors or consequences of diabetes is being overweight or obese. It is because of insulin resistance in the patient’s body that makes the excess energy goes into the cells and adipose tissues. The fat becomes hard to get out from the body, making it almost impossible for the individual to get sensitive to insulin at such a weight.

While there are diets and exercises designed to decrease obesity, there are some body parts that are hard to exercise. For example, the fat behind your neck or double chin may not go away manually. On the other side, you may have stubborn body fat on your belly or thighs that don’t seem to go away. In such areas, you might want to use PEMF to activate the muscles and accelerate the process of fat-burning.

PEMF Might Improve Circulation

One of the major consequences of diabetes is that your body parts might get prone to tissue death. It is because the AGE or advanced glycation end products in the later stages of diabetes may accumulate in the body. As a result, gangrene or wounds end up appearing on your back or foot, for example.

The main reason is uncontrolled diabetes and lack of adherence to medical protocols. However, lack of circulation of blood in those areas worsens the effects and make you at risk of getting more hurt in the process, both physically and mentally. While PEMF is not advised to be used in such late stages, it might be helpful in improving circulation of the blood in the body. Also, your lymphatic drainage system gets accelerated which helps you prevent toxic buildup in your body.

PEMF Fights Inflammation

All chronic conditions have one thing in common, and that is inflammation. At the preliminary stage of diabetes, your pancreas is inflamed, and then this inflammation gets to all places in your body, worsening the effects. You want to mitigate this inflammation so you can lead a life with minimum fatigue, stiffness, and pain.

In that matter, taking NSAIDs is not the answer as chronic use of the medications is linked with liver damage and kidney damage. Also, you may have digestive issues. PEMF stands to be a holistic way that doesn’t cause any damage to your body in any way. The low frequency used in the technology doesn’t install any side effects and make your body more resilient by activating its electric current response.

Your electrolytes are able to work in a better and more efficient way and you are safe from inflammatory consequences. Therefore, it is safe to say that you can use PEMF in your daily life if you are struggling with diabetes.

Final WordsThere are many chronic conditions in which inflammation, irritability, poor blood flow, disturbed BMI, and chronic pain are the major symptoms. For such conditions, there needs to be lifelong management. Diabetes also requires lifestyle management, but such management should be sustainable in nature.

PEMF therapy is one of those sustainable therapeutic options that improve the quality of life of patients to a significant extent. The idea is to use this technology according to your requirements and follow other lifestyle modifications along with it to optimize the results you want. If you want more information, you can check out the website healthylineoutlet.com for more details. Here, you can find all info related to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy and the devices that you can use.

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