What relationship will you have this year? Relationships aren’t always romantic. Will you make a new, true friend, or will you fall for a furry friend this year? Perhaps this year calls for a little moreself-love and care? Take the quiz to find out what kind of love is right around the corner. What relationship will you have this year?

  1. 1 When you're out at a friend's place for a gathering or low key party, you

    1. relationship quiz image with dog
      Wander off to find the host's pet
    2. relationship quiz image
      Hang out with a friend you brought (possibly someone from a meeting - just in case anything may trigger you)
    3. quiz relationship image
      Chat with someone who catches your interest - maybe flirt a little (or try to - but sometimes you can be a little awkward at first)
    4. relationship quiz image
      Wonder why you're there and regret your clothing choice - you felt way more confident in front of your mirror
  2. 2 When in traffic you

    1. Somehow always spot a dog either on the street or in a car and try to take its picture (but safety first!)
    2. Have a friend one speaker phone while trying not to get too fed up with the traffic situation - there's nothing you can do about it, anyway
    3. Catch someone staring at you and you try to make a quick decision: smile and wave, or pull up another two inches
    4. You turn up your music and avoid looking at anyone in the cars beside you
  3. 3 You generally tend to Google

    1. Something either for your pet, or research facts about having multiple pets
    2. Something either about group activities, or where you and some friends can explore together during your weekends
    3. Various landscapes where you'd love to escape to for an extended, relaxing vacation
    4. Researching as much as you possibly can about anything that you may question - you love to know answers
  4. 4 You love

    1. All weather, as long as you can go outside and explore nature
    2. Sunny days - you don't mind traveling in messy weather, but the sun certainly helps and won't restrict any plans you've made
    3. The rain - there's something so soothing about it, especially when you can curl up under a blanket with tea and a good book
    4. The snow - you were hoping some of your plans would be canceled anyway
  5. 5 Your favorite dish is

    1. Anything that's pretty simple - it doesn't have to be extravagant
    2. It's always fun to order a ton of appetizers, so the whole group can share and bond more
    3. Something that's not too messy - especially if it's in public. You know if you try to eat it gracefully, it'll probably fall apart in your hands
    4. A salad or something with fewer calories

Quiz: What Relationship Will You Have In 2023

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  1. Quiz result

    Furry Friend

    Did you know that petting a pet can reduce cortisol, which is a stress hormone? Whether you have an old, furry friend or you're looking to adopt soon, this seems like the year to build a stronger bond between yourself and your pet.  

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  2. Quiz result


    Friendships are important. And sometimes, we have to find a new crew - we change and tend to grow out of what was once comfortable. That can include friends. Whether you're looking to branch out and find that trustworthy person or you've already got a tight circle, this is the year to take the time to build that bond you have, or make those connections you know you need. 

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  3. Quiz result


    quiz image relationship

    Are you in a stable relationship or looking for ? Either way, it seems that you'll be looking for some romance. If you don't have that special someone just yet, don't worry - you'll find them soon. 

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  4. Quiz result

    Self Love

    This year relationship image

    It's important to love yourself before diving into any other relationship. If you don't love and respect yourself, others may not treat you with the respect you really deserve. Find time this year to appreciate who you are, make a plan to reach your goals, and set standards. When you start seeing your worth, you'll find it harder to stick around those who don't.

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Samantha Curreli
Samantha Curreli is a staff writer at Reach Out Recovery. Sam is also a graduate of Arcadia University's MFA in Creative Writing Program and a freelance journalist for New Jersey music magazine, The Aquarian Weekly. She has had multiple pieces of fiction published in literary magazines and short story anthologies.

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