How will a recovery store bring sparkle to you shopping? If you are one of the 23 million Americans in some form of recovery, like we are, you want some recovery products to both have some fun and keep your lifestyle front of mind. This has been a difficult year, and we wanted to bring the share the joy of healing to everyone.

A recovery store for every season

We developed our store during the pandemic to give you some fun when you couldn’t go out. Now, for literally a dollar or two, you can get cool stuff to support your recovery. You can download posters, coloring pages, books, our calendar, and keep busy engaged and busy all year long.

Recovery products help you heal from whatever has hurt you

There’s a reason recovery products promote the recovery lifestyle. They are the inspiration you need to keep going, and now you have a wonderful way to support loved ones and show you care. Find unique gift ideas for any season. Want to add some sparkle for your summer wardrobe. Check out our exclusive eyeglass chains and never lose your readers or sunglasses again. Do you need instant gratification?

Do you feel recovery is all work and no play

Many of you entering recovery for the first time worry that your new life will lack fun and support. It’s a whole new way to be, and you may not have a vision of what your new life will be like, or if you can even find your way. We get it because we’ve been there. We’ve floundered and felt alone. We didn’t have the inspiration or tools we needed. It wasn’t easy to see the benefits of recovery in the middle of the struggle.


Recovery products in a recovery store bring the love and pride to the everyday effort

We’ve created the recovery store to bring on the love because when we needed fun recovery products, we couldn’t find them. Now, while there are many programs to join and connection is essential, you also need self care ideas, fun, tools, and reminders, too. We are building it all right here so you have one place to come for info, support, tools and products.

Recovery may seem like jumping into a dark abyss at first, so along with new recovery quotes and articles, the recovery store is where you can browse for affordable (or fancy) gifts for yourself and the people who support you.

Browsing a recovery store is fun

We like to browse, and we know you do, too. Coloring is fun and soothing and we wanted to provide downloadable coloring pages. Posters and quotes give us hope and inspiration, and we’ve been creating them for you to hang on your walls. Just download and print. They’re motivational wall art.


It takes a while to be a new and better person, whether you are in recovery or you’re a family member coping with addiction in your life. Whoever you are, you need plenty of ideas like sober recovery gifts, recovery posters, recovery books and workbooks that help you heal and show gratitude to those around you.

You need a journal for spring


Start your spring season right with recovery hope, love, and inspiration with every breath you take.

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Leslie Glass

Leslie Glass became a recovery advocate and co-founder of Reach Out Recovery in 2011, encouraged by her daughter Lindsey who had struggled with substances as a teen and young adult. Learning how to manage the family disease of addiction with no roadmap to follow inspired the mother and daughter to create Reach Out Recovery's website to help others experiencing the same life-threatening problems. Together they produced the the 2016 ASAM Media Award winning documentary, The Secret World of Recovery, and the teen prevention documentary, The Silent Majority, distributed by American Public Television. In her career, Leslie has worked in advertising, publishing, and magazines as a writer of both fiction and non fiction. She is the author of 9 bestselling crime novels, featuring NYPD Dt.Sgt. April Woo. Leslie has has served as a Public Member of the Middle States Commission of Higher Education and as a Trustee of the New York City Police Foundation. For from 1990 to 2017, Leslie was the Trustee of the Leslie Glass Foundation. Leslie is a proud member of Rotary International.

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