Awesome Gifts For You!

worry stone

These are our favorite gifts for women!

We love to celebrate women! Maybe because most of us are women, have been mentored and sponsored by other fabulous women, and deeply appreciate the bonds of female family, sober sisters, and community. So, we curated a recovery shops with lots of fun gifts for women. We chose items we like ourselves, products that would make great gifts, and of course all our workbooks and downloads.

The comfort gifts

We all need comfort right now. It’s been a helluva year! I hike a lot so my mom, and partner in ROR, bought great aloe vera socks and sent me a pair. They’re great, I kid you not! They make my feet softer and create a slightly cooling effect that’s quite pleasant! Are you stressed out or do you know someone who is? We have worry stones in a variety of different healing stones. What’s a worry stone? Click here to find out.

The self love gifts

Sleep is one of my favorite things, and now it comes even faster with our lavender sleep mask. Who knew a little lavender could help you feel so rested and refreshed! I also have the lavender diffuser loaded up and hanging in my office, just to keep me chill.

The spiritual gifts

Want to raise your vibrations and balance your chakras? You need our crystal chakra pyramid. It’s both fun and useful! We also have a crystal healing stone set and a salt lamp tea light holder. It’s adorable and sends good vibes your way.

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