7 Ways To Comfort Seniors And The Elderly

seniors and the elderly

You’re A Super Hero When You Take Time For Seniors And The Elderly

Seniors and the elderly need to be remembered and cared for to avoid slipping into loneliness and depression. It’s harder for them to get around on their own and take care of themselves as easily as they did before. Old age is a reality we all need to face.

Seniors and the elderly are often ignored or neglected because of the negatives associated with their decline in physical mobility, cognitive ability, and health. All the more reason to support and care for them with simple acts of kindness. After all, they spent decades caring for us, and often for our children, their grandchildren, as well. Now it’s our turn to provide comfort, to give back to make their life easier as they age.

Seniors And The Elderly Are A Growing Population With Special Needs

We all have an aging parent, relative, friend, or grandparent. How are we caring for them? It is essential to prepare them as well as ourselves to enjoy the rest of their lives in peace and comfort. It may require acceptance of a new way of life and an openness to change associated with long-term companion care for the elderly. If you senior is still living at home, there are so many things you can do to bring joy to their lives.

7 Ways To Bring Joy To Seniors and the Elderly

  1. Spend quality time with them, even if for a short while. Don’t just bring a meal. Eat a meal with them. Encourage them by telling them how well they are doing. Share memories and jokes. Watch a show with them from time to time. You can tell them how great they look or how amazing they are.
  2. Teach them the basics of new technologies and watch your grandfather or grandmother beaming with pride as they learn to use their smartphones. That will help them stay connected to their grandchildren and feel close no matter how far away they live.
  3. Really listen instead of being the one to talk. Encourage your loved ones to discuss their fears and apprehensions about getting older and what might happen to them. The elderly typically worry about the same things as the young: friendships, relationships, money, health, and stress.
  4. Encourage them to develop a hobby and try out their hand at something new. It could be taking piano or guitar lessons or learning how to make pottery or do painting or gardening. Look for more ideas such as joining a fitness club or hiking group or a dance club for seniors.
  5. Help them do their daily housework as it gives them the feeling of remaining active and independent. Lack of health and reduced mobility can be frustrating, but with a bit of support from others, they can still feel at the top and in control of their lives.
  6. Modify their environment so that they feel a lot more comfortable and confident. With some valuable accessories and clever adjustments, the elderly can continue independent and complain less. Some ideas are installing a rail inside the shower, getting rid of any tripping hazards, adjusting the height of kitchen and bathroom shelves, and more.
  7. Bring in a pet, and just stroking the soft fur of a dog or a cat can help them feel a lot better. Offer self care advice. As the senior population cannot take care of a pet full time, it is advisable to set a particular time when they can spend some time with the pet.

Small Acts Of Kindness Mean The World To Seniors And The Elderly

You don’t have to be an important person or member of a famous club to help the older people around you. Just an act of kindness, some positive words, and a few moments are enough to make a significant change in the life of the seniors in your family and community. It is a positive transformation for the senior who is getting the help and you, as the caregiver.

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