Can Loungewear Be An All Day Dress?

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My, how Loungewear has changed from at home only, thank you very much, to looking great anywhere. It’s not just your sweatpants for lounging around at home when nobody’s looking anymore. You know what we’re talking about. The history of loungewear comes from the 1950’s when work clothes were formal. Remember how your mother put on her hat and gloves whenever she left home? Even to get the groceries? Some of us do.

The loungewear official definition, is informal clothing usually designed to be worn at home where no one can see you. Yes, it was sweatpants and pajamas. But these days loungewear has taken on a whole new role, and that means a great change for your wardrobe. Loungewear can even be dresses you can wear anywhere.

The demand for comfort changed the business dress code

Even before the pandemic dress code was changing. Long gone are the days when women only wore uncomfortable skirts and nylons to work. The everyday working woman transitioned to wearing more comfortable pants, pantsuits, and flats. And now things have changed even more after a year of COVID-19.

How Covid has brought loungewear to everday

For a whole year the overwhelming majority of business professionals have been working at home, and this means they can wear comfortable and casual clothes. More meetings are held on platforms such as Google Hangout and Zoom. According to retailers, sales have dropped by a staggering 79%. At the same time more and more people are buying loungewear instead. Savvy retailers are stocking their stores with clothes that are both attractive and comfortable.

Are lounge dresses in your future this summer

Lounge dresses are made of flowery and comfortable material. These are dresses that can be worn at home or on the go. They are simple to wear because all that you have to do is pull them over your head and you’re ready for your day. Another great thing about lounge dresses is that they add a measure of sophistication to your comfortable attire, so you can wear your dress for a stylish look wherever you go.

Loungewear is here to stay as people are continuing to work from home

Life will never be the same after Covid, social anxiety may have increased about returning to places of work. Many businesses have realized that their employees can work just as hard, if not better, from home. Apart from that, employees are able to wear comfortable clothing and be in a safe contained environment while they are working. It’s cost effective, and they don’t want to go back to traveling whether in the car or on public transportation. There will be a slew of positive work changes to come, but one thing is for sure: loungewear is here to stay.