Motivational Quotes: Say It Out Loud

motivational quote Say it out loud

You can change whatever is holding you back Say it out loud and create a new path for your thinking. If you are a person in recovery, it is crucial to talk about what’s holding you back so you can find solutions. Saying you feel weak or sad can be a form of relapse prevention. […]

Toxic Friendship Quotes: No Room For Toxic

No Room For Toxic Friends

There’s no room for toxic friends. Don’t we have enough stress to keep us busy? Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that your best friend forever (BFF) is actually your best friend for never (BFFN). And while we don’t want to keep those around for long, their hopefully short stay in our lives usually teaches us […]

Relationship Quotes: Boundary or Grudge

relationship quotes Boundary or Grudge

Blamed for grudge holding when you’re really holding a line? Boundary or grudge, what’s the difference? The difference depends on your relationship and personality. Are you a codependent who can’t get your point across to someone trying to dominate you? Or are you really a grudge holder yourself? If you hold a grudge about everything […]

Quotes: From Chaos To Creativity

Quotes chaos to creativity

Chaos to creativity was not what we expected with the health crisis Chaos to creativity is actually shifting the balance of who we are and what we want now. We were in overdrive before the virus hit. Every single one of us had too much to do, and we were obsessed with getting everything done […]

Abuse Quotes: Kinds Of Domestic Violence

abuse quotes many kinds of domestic violence

You may think domestic violence is limited to either physical abuse or bullying, but abuse is all about gaining and keeping power. The cycle of violence can continue to repeat itself and the abuse often worsens over time. Emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence that includes many hurtful tactics Verbal abuse: yelling at you, insulting you […]

Sobriety Journal Prompt : Your Issue

sobriety journal prompt

What is your issue Your issue can be anything from relationship woes (codependency with a narcissist) to substance misuse to love or gambling. We all struggle with something. You may even have problems working too hard and not having enough fun. How can you cope with your issue inside your head where all problems live […]