Sobriety Journal Prompt : Your Issue

sobriety journal prompt
What is Your issue

What is your issue

Your issue can be anything from relationship woes (codependency with a narcissist) to substance misuse to love or gambling. We all struggle with something. You may even have problems working too hard and not having enough fun.

How can you cope with your issue inside your head where all problems live

Journaling can help no matter who or where you are in your life. Writing has always been a hobby for people to explore their thoughts and feelings, and in this case their issues. Taking pen to paper relieves the pressure and helps you regulate, too. You’re in control of what you think. For many people in recovery, journaling about addiction, even well into recovery can help keep the disease fresh in the mind. One of the many baffling things about addiction is that with time we forget just how bad it was. Writing about your disease to remind yourself of what it was like can be helpful.

Why your issue matters. The disease of alcoholism and addiction can also morph into other behaviors and activities with time, so examining how the disease can shift is also a useful activity. Journaling is great for recovery for a million reasons so take a few minutes for yourself and describe your addiction.

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