Self-Reflection Journal Prompt : Your World

self reflection journal prompt Your world

Your world self reflection journaling prompt is a great way to start or end your day Your world can seem pretty scary right now, so take a few moments to think about your surroundings big and small as you would want them to be. What do you love the most about your world? What can […]

Kindness Quotes: Kindness Is Never Wasted

kindness is never wasted

Kindness is never wasted Kindness is never wasted because every time you do even the smallest thing for someone else, it leaves a lasting impact. You certainly remember the unkind things that people have done to you, but you also remember the kind ones. The kindness of strangers literally saves lives every single day. Do […]

Tian Dayton Quotes: On Maturing

Tian Dayton Quotes Maturing

Maturing in fruits is getting ripe. In animals, it’s growing up. In humans, maturing is not just growing up. It’s gaining insight, becoming wiser. That’s not always easy if you don’t have mentors, or teachers, or counselors to help with the learning process. What is lasting change all about We need to get to the […]

Self-Reflection Journal Prompt My Body

journal prompt my body

Journaling about your body can keep you tuned up every day Journal prompt my body is one of my personal favorite diary entries. How do I love or hate my body on any given day? I’m kidding. I never hate my body. But who doesn’t think about their body and what it’s doing? No one. […]

Self-Reflection Journal Prompt : Life Lessons

Self reflection journal prompt Life lessons

Expressing yourself keeps you sane We can’t avoid our life lessons; they come in all sizes and shapes. Some keep us inspired when we have new challenges, but adverse experiences from as far back as childhood can leave lasting trauma that keeps us stuck in negativity and pain. If we can express our thoughts and […]

A Healthy Relationship Is Mutual

Quotes healthy relationships

Are you feeling stifled by a loved one or friend. A healthy relationship shouldn’t make anyone feel anxious, stressed, or alone. Those are signs of a toxic relationship. If you find yourself stuck in a relationship where you’re disrespected, ghosted, or feel powerless, leave or seek help so you can. Sometimes, it can be tough […]