Kindness Quotes: Kindness Is Never Wasted

kindness is never wasted

Kindness is never wasted

Kindness is never wasted because every time you do even the smallest thing for someone else, it leaves a lasting impact. You certainly remember the unkind things that people have done to you, but you also remember the kind ones. The kindness of strangers literally saves lives every single day. Do you have a memory of someone being nice to you for no reason? Have you been praised or seen or acknowledged and your whole day enhanced? That’s why kindness is never wasted. You can help someone who’s struggling with a difficult problem or just feeling terribly alone.

Kindness is also an antidote to Bullying

From Elizabeth Viszt: “The answer to bullying is not more training or knowledge, however, it’s simply being kind and tolerant of the differences that other people bring to the table. Can we learn kindness? Can we make room for people who are different from you? Can you be curious to how their life experiences have transformed them” Can you ask questions and be an active listener?

Can you just stop judging and assuming what is true for them based on what is true for you?

Kindness is always free and just the opposite of judging and bullying. Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is important. Know that the way we experience life differs from the way other people experience it. No one’s experience is right or wrong… it’s just different. Let it be different without trying to change their story. read more

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