How to Reduce Pot Cravings

pot cravings

Do you wonder how you can reduce pot cravings

If you’re wondering how you can reduce pot cravings, let’s drill down and ask a few questions. Do you need marijuana in order to feel more in control, or to reduce your anxiety? Are you dependent on marijuana to sleep well at night? Hoping marijuana will make you more content? Did these questions make you start thinking about when you’re going to use again? Do you feel like you no longer control your marijuana use, and instead your marijuana use controls you?

Did you know you can regain control and reduce pot cravings naturally

Here’s what researchers at Vanderbilt University learned. They asked participants in their research study to record their average daily use for a week. For the next two weeks after that, participants ran 5 days/week on a treadmill for 30 minutes at 60-70% of their target heart rate. That’s a pace where you are pushing yourself but can still easily carry on a conversation. Afterward, they were shown pictures of marijuana and asked to complete the Marijuana Craving Questionnaire Short Form, selecting the corresponding response on a 7-point scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Below are the 12 statements on this commonly used research survey.

1. I could not easily limit how much marijuana I smoked right now.

2. I would not be able to control how much marijuana I smoked if I had some here.

3. I need to smoke marijuana now.

4. I would feel more in control of things right now if I could smoke marijuana.

5. If I smoked marijuana right now, I would feel less tense.

6. I would feel less anxious if I smoked marijuana right now.

7. Smoking marijuana would help me sleep better at night.

8. If I were smoking marijuana right now, I would feel less nervous.

9. Smoking marijuana would make me content.

10. Smoking marijuana would be pleasant right now.

11. Right now, I am making plans to use marijuana.

12. It would be great to smoke marijuana right now.

These questions identify all the ways pot cravings influence their day-to-day lives

Participants responses not only showed a significant drop in the cravings after exercising, they also reported a significant drop in use. Check out the chart below. And, even more good news, when they stopped exercising, use stayed lower than pre-run levels for the next two weeks.

What does this research mean for you about your cravings

If you’d like to reduce your craving for pot, start exercising regularly. And, if you miss a day or two, that’s okay. Get right back to it, and your cravings will go away again.

With as little as half an hour a day of exercise, most days of the week, you’ll be back in control. And, since exercise creates a natural high, you’ll feel better than you did before you started exercising. You can make your cravings for pot go away and feel great too. Here’s how to detox from pot.