Being Nice, It’s That Simple

Bullying has hit a new high recently in almost every area of life. Are you feeling mean or loving? There are a lot of angry people out there hurting each other and making the season less than jolly. What is making us so mean to each other? Where does the bullying come from? Is it politics? The stress related to the virus and sickness can also be a factor. People aren’t liking other people. Why is that Are people angry because of inflation or losing their jobs? There are many reasons for being frustrated. But bullying doesn’t have to follow. People are mean, which reminds me of the seasonal Rudolf bullying story.  Some say that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer conveys a lesson on how to deal with childhood bullying. According to the movie, after Rudolph runs away – a wonderful thing happens – he grows up! And he realizes that running away is not how to handle your troubles. I beg to differ… How does that reduce bullying?

Bullying Doesn’t Go Away By Itself

Playground bullies grow up too! These characters often become workplace bullies, and surviving a hostile workplace environment is not like being bullied as a child. Even in the space of adult self-awareness, there is still an urge to compromise all of who you are, to play a small game, and to hide out just to fit in.

Walking Away from Bullying Doesn’t Stop It

Sometimes, just walking away and failing to engage is the best that you can do when there is a lack of inclusivity. Solitude wins out over trying to fit in and detachment becomes the way to handle the behavior of those who are intent to browbeat others.

Kindness Is The Only Antidote For Bullying

The answer to bullying is not more training or knowledge, however, it’s simply being kind and tolerant of the differences that other people bring to the table. Can we learn kindness? Can we make room for people who are different from you? Can you be curious to how their life experiences have transformed them” Can you ask questions and be an active listener? Can you just stop judging and assuming what is true for them based on what is true for you? Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is important. Know that the way we experience life differs from the way other people experience it. No one’s experience is right or wrong… it’s just different. Let it be different without trying to change their story.

In Recovery Kindness Is Offering Zero Proof

Recently I saw a gentle reminder which stated if you’re at a holiday party and you offer someone an alcoholic beverage and they say, “I don’t drink” – the correct response is, “Is there something else I can get for you?” Just be nice… it really is that simple.

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