Narcissist Quotes: The Power of Silence

creation is quiet
Creation is quiet but destruction is loud

Creation is quiet is such a beautiful thought, especially in this changing season. It may still be frozen, and sounds of winter are loud where you are, but the thaw is coming. We promise. When the first spring flowers poke their leaves through the softening earth, it’s always a surprise the first time we see them. There was no fanfare to announce their arrival. Growth happened in silence.

Recovery from the traumas of addiction creeps into our hearts the same way

The same is true when we’re slowly recovering from whatever traumas we have faced. The loss of a loved one, the panicked years when we lived from crisis to crisis. We can and do recover. Creation is quiet, like healing. Our suffering may have been loud and noisy even when we didn’t dare to scream or cry, but our healing happens slowly with quiet reflection.

Creation is quiet and so is serenity

Creation is quiet and so is gratitude

Why does having a heart of gratitude matter? Sometimes we forget how much other people love and care about us. Feeling the love can help us give love back. Here’s how gratitude improves our lives in other ways.