Narcissist Quotes: Narcissists Project Blame

narcissist quotes how narcissists project blame
narcissist quotes how narcissists project blame

Want to know how narcissists project blame? They can’t accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong. So if something isn’t working and they want control over the situation, they literally put their feelings and blame on you. So it doesn’t matter what you really think or what you’ve done, narcissists will turn whatever you say or think or do against you.

Why are narcissists so negative and hurtful

It’s a form of control and manipulation. Narcissists can’t let other people be independent because it challenges them, makes life inconvenient and uncomfortable, so they do everything they can to gain control, and one powerful technique is projection. Since narcissists live in fantasy worlds, they refuse to see their own faults and failures, which means the blame that would usually be placed on them is projected onto their victims. When narcissists use projection, it’s just another way to manipulate their targets.

What Is Projection?

We all use projection in one way or another. For example, let’s say you’re in a great mood, but your friend isn’t. You continue to smile and maintain your positive mood, projecting it onto your friend. Or, another form of projection could be if your partner is in a bad mood, sees that you’re smiling and happy, and start yelling at you for being cheerful. Your partner is then projecting their poor attitude onto you.

Narcissists, project any blame you may place on them, back on to you. If they’re in a bad mood, they’ll deflect the accusation and blame you for their mood – perhaps they’ll say something along the lines of, “I’m in a bad mood? You’re the one in a bad mood. You just can’t see past your own bad attitude.” read more

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