Don’t Forget To Ask These Important Questions Before Buying A Pet Bed

Due to dogs’ sleep time which is between 12 to 16 hours, ensuring that your dog sleeps in a comfortable place is a priority. Looking for a new dog bed may be necessitated by your dog outgrowing its old bed or wear and tear. Your choice of bed is not only about the size or the quality you need but also other factors that are important to consider. Before choosing a new dog bed, you need to ask yourself several questions.

Is the Pet Bed Easy to Clean

Before you choose a new bed, cleaning should be your number one factor to consider. While most dog beds are easier to clean, the beauty of those that are not may attract you. Similarly, some fabrics are easier to clean than others. You will decide the amount of effort you want to be applying and the frequency of cleaning before buying. Once you’re in the mood for some dog beds Australia shopping, you can do an online search for the best materials based on ease of cleaning. You will find not only guidance on what fabrics are the best but also how routines on how to maintain them.

Most vets will advise you to regularly clean your dog bed to avoid bugs and other parasites. Thus, you need to be sure that the fabric on the bed will be easily cleanable when it is time to do so.

How Does Your Dog Like to Get Comfortable In His Pet Bed

Perhaps this is the first question in knowing the right design for your dog bed. Most dogs would prefer a nesting-type bed like a Bagel Bed or a Donut. For dogs that like to walk around in circles on the bed and fold themselves in a tight circle, a Donut Bed is a perfect choice. However, there are those dogs that prefer to stretch their legs. Finding rectangular beds for these is a perfect choice. Additionally, you would consider having a fur-like interior depending on the warmth needs of your dog. For example, dogs that have fluffy coats are likely to prefer no-fur dog beds while those that have short hair prefer beds with fur. When picking the right dog bed, thus, knowing the needs of your dog is crucial.

What Should the Dog Bed Covers Be Made of

Most dogs prefer a soft, clean, and comfortable surface. Fabrics that are made from synthetic fibers are less comfortable compared to natural fibers such as cotton and silk. Natural fibers are known to give a cozy and soft velvety texture that guarantees the dog’s comfort. Additionally, natural fibers are more durable and can be cleaned easily. When buying a dog bed, consider buying those that have removable bed covers to ensure ease of washing them. You can add extra bed covers made of natural fibers to help you in maintaining cleanliness all the time.


After you have answered the above questions, you are guaranteed of finding the best dog bed for your pet. Not only will it be comfortable but you will also find it easy to clean and maintain for a longer period.

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