Narcissist Quotes: How To Escape Control

narcissist quotes How To Escape A Narcissist's Control
narcissist quotes How To Escape A Narcissist's Control
How To Escape A Narcissist’s Control

If you’ve been controlled by a narcissist, you know that heavy feeling in your gut. It can feel impossible to escape a narcissist’s control. Every day is like walking on eggshells. Even then, it seems almost impossible to get through a full day without an argument and tears. Narcissists know how to flip the blame from themselves to their victims. They are master manipulators – and their ability to read others is impeccable.

**First And Foremost: Make Sure You’re Safe/Can Get To Safety

If you ever feel unsafe, get help right away; call the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-723. Get to a safe place, stay with someone you trust, talk to someone who can help. If you are in immediate danger, call 911 for an emergency. Don’t wait.

Escaping A Narcissist’s Control Is Possible

It isn’t easy. But it’s possible. Before attempting to leave on your own, assess the situation. Make sure you have the resources and a trusted friend or relative to help you leave. In some cases, you may have to reconnect with these people. Narcissists love to force their victims to disconnect from people who may try to expose them.

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Exposing A Narcissist Is Tricky

Relatives and friends who recognize the narcissist for who they are, are dangerous for the narcissist’s plans. These people will try to act as barriers between the narcissist’s victim and the narcissist. However, those who have narcissistic traits know how to worm their way around any claims from their target’s loved ones.