Respect Quotes: No Right To Hurt You

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no one is entitled to treat you badly
No One Is Entitled To Treat You Badly

Do you let it go when people treat you badly.? Loved ones, co-workers, or even friends can be hurtful in so many ways, we can’t even count them all. They may want to hurt you, or they may just be clueless. But you have a choice. You can call your friends and family on their behavior. You can ignore it. You can pretend it isn’t happening. You can walk away, like forever. Sometimes you have to detach.

Why you let it go when others treat you badly

We get it. Who wants to be confrontational? Who wants to get into a fight or be told “you’re over-reacting,” or “you’re too sensitive.” But you know deep down inside what’s kind and what’s not. Do you know how to find your own voice? 100 Tips For Growing Up can help.