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Self care for trauma has a new tool for PTSD relief that you can get at home

Self care for trauma? Is it possible? Do you have your suspicion about holistic methods used by the stars? So did we until we tried it. Havening is a technique used for relieving PTSD and anxiety symptoms. It has been spreading through the mental health community in recent years as an effective treatment for PTSD that patients can learn and practice at home. It has also made headlines in popular culture because it is seen practiced by Justin Bieber in his documentary Seasons.

The havening technique is self care for trauma that’s a proven way to self soothe

Havening, is an alternative therapy developed by Ronald Ruden and popularized in part by hypnotist Paul McKenna; it relies on “amygdala depotentiation” that purportedly can help people with psychological problems, particularly those related to phobias, post-traumatic stress and anxiety.

I recently spoke with Dr. Kate Truitt, a licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Pasadena, CA. She is the founder of Dr. Kate Truitt & Associates, the CEO and Training Director for the Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles, Global Coordinator of Continuing Education for the Havening Techniques, Executive Director of the American Cognitive Training Association, and Chairman of the Board of the Amy Research Foundation.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment

We spoke about a variety of topics, including Havening therapy. As a trauma specialist, Dr. Truitt uses a variety of techniques with her patients for PTSD relief from symptoms and other trauma-related issues. Havening technique is a particularly useful for PTSD because it can be done at home yourself, which is why it is particularly timely right now.

Havening therapy has been proven to relieve PTSD symptoms as they are happening

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Here is Dr. Truitt herself on havening.

In case you’re wondering what havening is and how it works, here’s the definition.

Havening works through a change agent, a brain delta wave, generated by a simple soothing touch on the palms, upper arms and forehead. This wave interacts with the voltage dependent calcium channel on a glutamate activated neuron in the lateral amygdala. This interaction produces an intracellular calcium oscillation activating a phosphatase which acts to remove a traumatically placed AMPA receptor. The selective activation of the amygdala neuron associated with the emotional component of the recalled memory from the traumatized event is critical to making that neuron susceptible to the change agent. It is this selectivity that allows us to target specific memories. In addition, as the client begins treatment immediately after recall, the distress of the client is minimized

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